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I am in this for fun!

I’m in this to find sites that make me smile, laugh, cry, and take my breath away.

I give Web site awards in order to recognize excellence in a site’s content and/or design - not to get links to my own Web site or free advertising.

I don’t get paid to give out awards, so I won’t treat this like a job, but rather, a joy.

Evaluating Web sites gives me the opportunity to learn and be amazed. I will take the time to learn new things about other cultures and interests (or my own) through the visitation of submitted Web sites.

My program exists because of applicants. Without them, my program wouldn’t have a purpose. Therefore, I will treat my applicants with respect and courtesy.

Personalities will clash. Disagreements will happen. This is a given. However, I choose to conduct myself with dignity and integrity when interacting not only with my valued applicants, but with my fellow award givers as well.

I vow not to spend more time evaluating Web sites than I spend with my loved ones, lest I lose sight of what really matters the most in life.

And I’m still in this for fun!

Copyright © 2002 by Nicole S. Porter. All rights reserved.
Used with permission.
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