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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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The Lionel Construction Set No. 969 was available only in 1960 and came with 23 pieces of Plasticville housed in a Type II box.

The set consisted of the following Plasticville items:
1. No. V-10 Vehicle Assortment 4 cars only
2. No. 1619 Citizens 3 citizens only
3. No. 1624 House Under Construction

No. 969 Type II Box Side

4. No. 1624 Building Materials for the House Under Construction consisted of the following Plasticville items:

1. Single Plank
2. Pile of Boards
3. Group of Boards (to be mounted on the roof)
4. Long Ladder
5. Cement Mixing Tub
6. "Plasticville Construction Co." Sign
7. Short Ladder
8. Bent Boards (go over the door threshold)
  9. Wheelbarrow
10. Bucket
11. Saw Horse Cross Beams (2 each)
12. Saw Horse Legs (4 each)
13. Sandpile
14. Shovel
15. Rake

Lionel included an instruction sheet numbered 969-10 that was not dated and this is illustrated below. There are no variations.

No. 969 Instruction Sheet
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