King 0550
1503 Apartment House Add-A-Floor Box 0550 King Apartment House Add-A-Floor Box

First issued in 1958, as a companion piece to the Apartment House, this item allowed you to create a "high rise" out of the Apartment House. It was issued in only one color configuration with TAN walls with MAROON balconies and doors. Bachmann has not issued an "Add-a-floor" version of the 1987 release of kit No. 1963, which had RED walls with BUFF roof and trim.

However, KIND DISTRIBUTING has. They issued a total of 6,000 units in their heavy corrugated boxes in the following quantities under the number 0550:

RED walls with BUFF trim - 4,200
BROWN walls and BUFF trim - 1,800

Shown below are the parts that are contained in this kit.

Apartment House Add-A-Floor Parts

Add-A-Floor Parts

1. Front Wall
2. Back Wall
3. Side Wall (2 each)

The balconies attach to the front and rear walls with two pins located where the arrows are pointing. These pins need to be intact for the balcony to stay in place without the use of glue. Frequently these pins are broken.

There is no reproduction part available at this time and parts are limited by what is available in existing kits.

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