1300 (not manufactured)
PB-5, 1051
BL-2 Bridge and Pond Box Type 1 BL-2 Bridge and Pond Box Type 2 2417 Bridge and Pond Box
Bridge and Pond Dark GreenBridge and Pond Medium GreenBridge and Pond Kelly Green

When the Bridge & Pond was introduced in 1950 it carried the designation BL-2. In 1957, this designation was changed to 1300, but no boxes have been found with this number on them. There are three color variations of this item in various shades of GREEN as is illustrated to the left. None of these variations effect the value of this piece.

The PB-5 Footbridge
The same year that Bachmann released the Bridge and Pond, they also released the "Bridge" portion separately in dealer boxes of one dozen labeled PB-5 Footbridge. This number would later be superceded by 1051. This bridge is often found with RED and/or BLACK specs scattered throughout the predominantly BROWN color. The handrails are too thick on this piece for O and S scale and are more suitable for G scale.

PB-5 Footbridge  

Both of these pieces are almost indestructible and are rarely found broken, although the pond is easily scratched. Bachmann made the pond so that it would actually hold water and the plastic is thin in the "pond area." No replacement parts are made of these items.

The HO Scale Bridge and Pond No. 2417

2417 Bridge and Pond Box

This version of the Bridge and Pond was produced in the early 1960’s and is the same size as the O and S scale version shown above. For this reason we’ve added it to this page as a viable variation.

However, there are several notable differences that distinguish this piece. The GREEN plastic has BROWN flecks in it, and the bridge has been completely redesigned and comes in three pieces. In addition, it came with a paper insert that went in the pond area to simulate water, similar to what Bachmann did with the swimming pool on the Playground Equipment No. 1406.

No. 2417 Bridge and Pond

While Bachmann sized the handrails on the bridge for "HO scale," they are in fact closer to actual O or S scale than the handrail size that was used on the PB-5 original issue of 1950. Because this version was produced only a few years, it is considerably rarer than the BL-2, especially those that still have the bridge in three pieces and have not been glued to the pond.

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