45981 Silver Issue,
45091 (current issue)
C-18 Cathedral Box 1904 Cathedral Box 45981 Silver Series Cathedral Box 45091 Current Issue Box

The 1904 Light Gray Roofed Cathedral

Initially released in 1956, the Cathedral is the most impressive of the churches that were produced by Bachmann.

The walls are held together by locking tabs located at the edges of each wall. These are often found broken. Also, it is very difficult to find this church with the paper felt "stained glass" window backings intact. This is especially true for the front wall (No. 1 in the listing below).

In addition to this problem, are the small parts that are contained in this kit. The GOLD plated bell and cross are frequently broken or missing (No. 9 and No. 11 shown below). Also, the bell clapper (No. 10), is often missing.

These problems make this the most difficult of the churches to find complete and undamaged.

The current issue of this church has a CHROME bell. The older issues came with a GOLD bell as is illustrated below.

Cathedral Parts

Cathedral Parts

The parts that are needed to complete this church are illustrated to the left. They are:

  1. Front Wall (with stained glass)
  2. Rear Wall (with stained glass)
  3. Side Wall (2) (with stained glass)
  4. Left Side Bell Tower Wall
  5. Front Bell Tower Wall (with stained glass)
  6. Right Side Bell Tower Wall
  7. Rear Bell Tower Wall
  8. Belfry
  9. Bell (Gold Plated)
10. Bell Clapper
11. Cross (Gold Plated)
12. Bell Tower Roof
13. Belfry Steeple
14. Front Roof Section
15. Rear Roof Section

Cathedral Roof Color Variation

Normally this church comes with DARK GRAY roof sections. There is, however, a LIGHT GRAY color variation that is considerably rarer.

This version also has the belfry steeple 13, bell tower roof 12 and bell clapper 10 molded in the same LIGHT GRAY color. This kit is not complete without all of these items of the same color.

Dark Gray Variation TOP Light Gray on the BOTTOM Light Gray Belfrey Steeple, Bell Tower Roof & Bell Clapper
45981 Silver Series Cathedral Box 45091 Current Issue Box

Current Issue Cathedral
The current issue of the Cathedral has a CHROME plated bell and cross, and no paper "stained glass" window backings. Click on the picture to the right to see a Larger View.
Purchase the current issue Cathedral.

45981 Cathedral Current Issue

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