1623 Cattle Loading Pen Box

Introduced in 1958, the Cattle Loading Pen is another of those realistic line side accessory kits that are very delicate. The locating pins that hold the parts together are easily snapped off when they are taken apart. This is what makes an unbroken kit so valuable.

This cattle pen was only available in the one-piece box that is illustrated to the left.

Cattle Loading Pen Trackside View Cattle Loading Pen Right Side View  
Cattle Loading Pen Component Parts

Cattle Loading Pen Parts
The parts needed to complete this kit are:
1. Fence Section (14 each)
2. Fence Gate Section
3. Cattle Ramp Gate
4. Small Ramp Cross Bar (2 each)
5. Cattle Ramp
6. Slotted Ramp Cross Bar
7. Inside Cattle Ramp Side
8. Outside Cattle Ramp Side
9. Cattle (5 each)

The most commonly missing items from this kit are the "Cross Bars" No. 4 and 6. These bars have been reproduced.

No. 1623 Cattle Loading Pen Built

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