1803, 1910,
1984 (Scenic Classic)

SpacerSpacer1803 Colonial Church Box

1910 Colonial Church Box Spacer 1984 Country Church Scenic Classic Spacer This impressive Church was another one of those Littletown kits that premiered in 1957, and it is the only Church that does not have WHITE walls in the Plasticville line. The Colonial Church is more difficult to obtain in the 1910 box, and as No. 1984, is one of only eight structures that were part of the "Scenic Classic Series" that were released in 1980. There is a color variation with the roof for this structure, the DARK GRAY color being harder to find. We’ve listed and shown the parts that comprise this structure along with a common fault that is found below.

The Colonial Church

Colonial Church Parts

The parts that are needed to complete this church are illustrated to the right.

They are:

  1. Side Wall (2)
  2. Rear Wall
  3. Front Wall
  4. Front Wall Columns
  5. Cross
  6. Bell Tower Base
  7. Belfry Side (w/prongs)
  8. Belfry Side (w/o prongs)
  9. Bell Tower Roof
10. Church Roof

Colonial Church Parts
Colonial Church Common Fault

Colonial Church Common Fault
Shown to the left is a common fault that is found with the Colonial Church. In almost all of the examples that we have seen the top catch on the front wall columns of this Church is broken off. The example shown edge on to the far left has this catch that hooks into the front wall above the front doors. The illustration to the immediate left is missing this catch as is indicated by the arrow. Next to the cross, this should be the first item that collectors should look for on this structure.

There is no replacement part that is available and supply is limited to those unbroken front columns that can be found in existing kits.

Colonial Church Cross

Colonial Church Cross
This cross is unique to this structure and it is the part that is most often missing from this kit. It was always colored WHITE and it is available as a reproduction.

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