DE-7, 1500
45605 (current issue)
DE-7 Diner Box 1500 Diner Box

The No. DE-7 was first used to designate this structure when it was introduced in 1952. In 1958 Bachmann would change the number to 1500 and issue a new box to house it. This box is very difficult to find today. Issued in GRAY with either RED or YELLOW window blinds, the only exception to these colors is the CHROME variation. In 1954 and 1955 Bachmann would plate this eating establishment in CHROME. Note that the back wall of these kits remained GRAY in color. We’ve illustrated the front wall color combinations that are available below.

Gray Diner with Yellow Blinds Gray Diner with Red Blinds Chrome Dinner with Yellow Blinds  

The parts that are occassionally missing from this structure are the window blinds and the doors. No reproductions are available for these parts.

Common Fault
DE-7 with Red Trim

The roof of the Diner is often found in damaged, cracked, or in broken condition. This is because the front and rear edges of the plastic roof are very thin.
Shown to the right is an illustration of what is commonly found. The corner of the roof has been broken off. Care should be taken in assembly and disassembly of the roof from the walls of this structure.

Diner Broken Roof
The Problem With Chrome
Flaked Chrome

Over the years since these parts were plated many of them have become brittle and have begun to flake, as is illustrated to the left. This is caused by being exposed to extremes of temperature. Many times the faults in the chrome are not visible in a photograph, and because of this we recommend that the "Chrome Plated" version of this structure is one that you ask for return privileges, should you not be satisfied with what you’ve purchased.

45605 Diner Silver Series Box 45605 Diner Current Issue Box

Current Issue Diner

This Diner has SILVER colored walls and BLACK roof & trim that make it different from the previous issues. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45605 Diner Current Issue

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