1988 (Scenic Classic)
1906 Factory Box 1988 Factory Scenic Classic Box

This impressive line side factory was introduced in 1957. There are two color variations, but the color of the roof, water tank, and front door canopy should all be the same color: either BROWN or GRAY.

1906 Factory
1906 Factory Green Door

Green Door
Two of these door are used on the factory. They are often missing or broken. No replacement part is made.

1906 Factory Sticker
Factory Sticker
This rarely found sticker was to be applied to the water tank on the roof.

1906 Factory Warehouse Door

Green Warehouse Door
One of these large doors goes on the wall that mates with the loading dock of this structure. There is no replacement part for this door that is sometimes missing.

Factory Stack

Smoke Stack

This smoke stack is composed of three pieces. We’ve found one or more of these sections are often missing. These parts have not been reproduced.

Factory Step Railing

Step Railing

Colored TAN, this part is the one that is most often missing from this kit. It is available as a reproduction part.

Factory Front Door

Front Door
This clear plastic front door is sometimes missing from the factory. Bachmann used this door on other structures like the Large Supermarket.

Factory Front Door Canopy

Front Door Canopy
This part is sometimes missing or, more often, one or both of the locating pins (note the arrows) are broken. This part should be the same color as the roof. It is not available as a reproduction.

Factory Roof Tank

Roof Water Tank
Four individual pieces comprise this tank. They are:
1. Tank Supports (2)
2. Tank (1)
3. Tank Cap (1)


The tank part should be the same color as the roof of the factory. We’ve often found some, or all, of these pieces are missing from this Plasticville kit. Reproduction parts are not available.

Factory Cracked Roof

Roof Vulnerability
Often the roof of the factory is cracked, and this usually happens at the same place where the plastic is thinnest close to the roof skylight, as is indicated by the arrow. There is no replacement part for this roof.

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