GO-2, 1962
GO-2 Small Gas Station Box 1962 Small Gas Station Box  
The Plasticville Small Gas Station

This is one of the early structures produced by Bachmann. Its initial production spanned the years 1950-1954 and it was included in many of the early Master Units. The exception was the 5900 Master Villiage Unit of 1956. It is assumed here, that Bachmann was using up left over stock of this item by placing it in this master unit.
When it was reissued again in 1967 under the No. 1962, the raised letters on the front wall were no longer painted RED, there was no longer a "T" bar connecting the gas pump island to the front wall, and the window insert had a blue background. We’ve shown the two early production inserts below, along with an illustration of the parts that comprise this retail establishment.

GO-2 Early Issue Window Insert

Window Inserts

Shown to the left is the early issue window insert that goes in the window of the front wall of this structure. On the right is the later issue. These inserts were used on the GO-2 only and they are the part that is most often missing from this gas station. Both of these window inserts have been reproduced.

GO-2 Later Issue Window Insert

GO-2 Parts Illustration

The Parts that comprise this structure are:

1. Front Wall (shown with early insert)
2. Rear Wall
3. Roof
4. Left Side Wall
5. Right Side Wall
6. "T" Gas Pump Island
7. "Regular" Gas Pump
8. "Hi-Test" Gas Pump
9. Oil Rack

Aside from the window insert, the parts that are most often missing are the gas pumps and , and the oil rack .

These parts have not been reproduced and supply is limited to those that are available in existing kits.

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