5804 (bagged)
45615 (current issue)
1804 Greenhouse Box 45615 Greenhouse Silver Series Box 45615 Greenhouse Current Issue Box

First issued in 1957, the Greenhouse came with either GRAY walls and WHITE doors or these colors were reversed. It was issued in a nice two-piece box numbered 1804 and was followed later by the bagged issue No. 5804 in 1963. The No. 1804 box is the only box that was available for this item until the Silver and Current Issues were produced. The greenhouse is one of the more valuable Plasticville pieces because of the difficulty in locating one that is in excellent condition.

1804 Greenhouse Side View

Greenhouse Clear Plastic
In addition to the problem with the flowers, as noted below, the clear plastic parts that form the roof and the part of the sides of the this structure tend to get "yellowed," and "spider cracks" appear with age and exposure to the elements.

1804 Greenhouse Front View
Greenhouse Flowers

Greenhouse Flowers
What makes this kit so desirable among collectors are these flowers. They are rarely found completely intact. Usually, two or three of the groups of flowers are broken. Reproductions are not made and the current issue flowers are different colors.

45615 Greenhouse Silver Series Box 45615 Greenhouse Current Issue Box

Current Issue Greenhouse
The current issue of the Greenhouse has flowers that are painted WHITE, PINK, PURPLE, and YELLOW. The front doors are also transparent. These colors are exclusive to this issue. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45615 Greenhouse Current Issue

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