DH-2, 1611, 1853
DH-2 Hardware/Pharmacy Store Box 1611 Drug Store Box 1853 Hardware/Drug Store Box - Type 1 1853 Hardware/Drug Store Box - Type 2  
Hardware & Pharmacy/Drug Store was first established in 1953. It came in a one-piece box that has RED borders on the top and the bottom. In 1963, the No. 1611 was released in a two-piece box with nice artwork. This is a difficult box to find. Both of these kits have the BLACK front wall, but when Bachmann introduced the No. 1853 in 1974 in a Bicentennial box, they had redesigned the front wall that was now TAN in color. We’ve shown the color variations below.
Window Inserts
DH-2 Left Window InsertSpacerDH-2 Right Window Insert

These inserts are what is most often missing from this kit. The inserts illustrated to the left are from the DH-2 and No. 1611 kits, they differ from those issued later in kit No. 1853 shown to the right. Both of the types of inserts have been reproduced.

1853 Left Window InsertSpacer1853 Right Window Insert

Hardware/Drug Store Color Variations

DH-2 Black Version
DH-2 Hardware/Pharmacy Store BoxWhen initially released in 1953 this building came with a BLACK front and TAN sides and back wall. The roof and doors were colored SILVER. This is the only building that Bachmann produced that was BLACK in color. This version is the more common of the three variations.

DH-2 Black Colored Front Wall
DH-2 Tan Colored Back Wall DH-2 Tan Colored Side Wall DH-2 Silver Colored Roof

1611 Black Version
1611 Drug Store BoxReleased in 1963, this is the most desirable of the boxes that were issued for this structure. What has recently been noticed is that in about 60 percent of these kits were issued with the DARK GRAY doors and roof that are normally found on No. 1853 kit that was issued 11 years later in the Bicentennial box (shown below). Because the doors and the roof can be substituted no extra value is given for this color variation that is tied up in the box that is highly valued by collectors today.

1611 Black Front Wall with Dark Gray Doors
DH-2 Tan Colored Back Wall DH-2 Tan Colored Side Wall 1611 Gray Colored Roof

1853 Tan Version
1853 Hardware/Drug Store Box - Type 1This color variation occurred with the issuance of kit No. 1853. Not only were the colors different, but the "PLASTICVILLE" name was removed from the front of the stores. Bachmann also changed the name on the box from "Pharmacy" to "Drug." In addition to the inserts being different as noted above, the back and side wall color was changed to WHITE, and the door and roof color was altered to DARK GRAY. This version is more difficult to obtain.

1853 Tan Colored Front Wall
1853 White Colored Back Wall 1853 White Colored Side Wall 1853 Gray Colored Roof

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