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1919, 1961,
45919 (current)
HS-6 Blue Hospital Box HS-6 Red Hospital Box 1902 Hospital Box 1919 Hospital Box 1961 Hospital Box  

This impressive building was first built in 1953 to care for the inhabitants of the Plastic Village. The Hospital has several variations. When first released under the designation HS-6 in the BLUE striped box it came with a second story card stock but no furniture. In 1954, Bachmann released the RED striped box, and added a New Accessory sticker to the box top, and included the 2nd story furniture. We’ve illustrated the most commonly broken or missing parts along with these variations below.

The Hospital Roof Siren

Roof Siren
This is the part that is most often found missing from this structure. Reproductions of this part are available.

The Hospital Roof Air Conditioner

Roof Air Condition
The other piece that is often missing is this air conditioner that also mounts on the roof. This part is not reproduced and supply is limited by what is found in available kits.

Hospital Front Entrance Steps

Front Entrance Steps
The steps for the front entrance to the hospital is often missing the locating pins that attach it to the front wall as indicated by the arrows.

Hospital Front Entrance Canopy

Front Entrance Canopy
This piece is often missing one or both of the locating pins that attach it to the front wall as indicated by the arrows.

Hospital Furniture

Introduced one year after its premiere in 1953, Bachmann would equip this kit with a heavy card stock second floor & 22 pieces of furniture. The two chairs, No. 9 and 10, are the only pieces that have been reproduced and the supply of the other pieces of furniture is limited by what can be found in existing kits.

A common fault that is often encountered is that one or more of the legs are found broken on one or more of the beds, and the desk chair 9, which is the smallest piece, is often missing. The pieces that are needed to complete this kit are listed to the right.

  1. Bed (7 each)
  2. Operating Table
  3. Bassinet
  4. Changing Table
  5. Anesthesia Cart
  6. Instrument Table
  7. Chest of Drawers (2 each)
  8. Desk
  9. Desk Chair
10. Straight Back Chair (4 ea.)
11. Double Toilet
12. Sink

Hospital Color Variations

Bachmann would change the color of the writing that is on the hospital over the years that it was in production. The most common variation has RED writing, and later issues beginning with the No. 1961, would have the writing unpainted and the roof would be a DARK GRAY instead of BLUE. The most difficult variations to obtain are the BLACK and the BLACK & RED lettered versions. These variations both originated in the No. 1919 kit.

Red Lettered Hospital Front Wall
Red Lettered Hospital Front Wall Text
Black Lettered Hospital Front Wall
Black Lettered Hospital Front Wall Text
Black & Red Lettered Hospital Front Wall
Black & Red Lettered Hospital Front Wall Text
Unpainted Lettered Front Wall
Unpainted Lettered Front Wall Text

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