1985 (scenic classic),
45982 (current issue)
LC-2 Log Cabin Box Type 1 LC-2 Log Cabin Box Type 2 1303 Log Cabin Box 1985 Log Cabin Scenic Classic Box

An Early Log Cabin w/o ChimneyThe Log Cabin is one of the first kits that Bachmann made. Early kits would come with sections of rustic fence, and a tree, but did not have a chimney. This version is shown to the left.

Log Cabin Chimney

The Log Cabin Chimney
This is the part that is most often missing from those kits that did come with a chimney. A reproduction part is available.

King of the Wild Plastic Village!

The Davy Crockett Log Cabin

For the Davy Crockett version of the Log Cabin, Bachmann would modify the front wall of selected LC-2 kits so that the three mounting pins (see the arrows to the right) on the Kentucky rifle could be mounted above the door. This cabin is sometimes found with a paper bear skin glued to the front door.
The Davy Crockett Log Cabin was available in bagged packaging. This is the rarest of all of the variations of this structure, especially when found in its original bag. Collectors are still debating if this version came in a box, but boxes are generally used today to protect the pieces. The riffle is also known to have come in TAN and GOLD plated colors.

The Dave Crockett Kentucky Rifle
Log Cabin Color Variation

Log Cabin Color Variation
Log Cabin common Brown with Red/Black coloring

The Log Cabin has a color variation that came in the 1985 Scenic Classic kit. Called the "Log Cabin Retreat," this is the most difficult of the "Scenic Classic" kits to locate. The OLIVE DRAB version is seen above is scarcer than the more common BROWN/RED color that is to the right.

45982 Log Cabin Silver Series Box 45982 Log Cabin & Rustic Fence Current Issue Box

Current Issue Log Cabin
The current issue is cast in a solid CHOCOLATE BROWN color, with sections of Rustic Fence. This cabin has not been made in the color before this issue. Click on this picture to the right to see a Larger View.
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45892 Log Cabin with Rustic Fence Current Issue

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