This tree was first available in 1949 in the uncataloged VU-4 Community Unit. In 1950 it was sold to dealers in a box of one dozen and was numbered MT-2.

MT-2 Maple Tree Parts

From 1950 to 1954 it was available in the following Master Units:

   1950: MT-2 (dealer box), HU-6, RU-2, SU-4
   1951: CU-7, CU-9, HU-6, RU-2, SU-4
   1952: BA-7, HU-7, RA-6, RU-3, YA-9
   1953: BA-7, HU-7, MU-1, RA-6, RU-3, YA-9
   1954: The last catalog reference was for the CU-1 Country Unit.

The maple tree came in only the one color of BRIGHT (Kelly) GREEN. It is often found with either the stem that mounts into the trunk or the trunk broken where this stem mounts. Many times this piece has been glued together to repair these faults. There are no replacement parts available.

MT-2 Maple Tree

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