PO-1, 1602
PO-1 Post Office Box 1602 Post Office Box

Shown to the right are the parts that are needed to complete this kit. They are:

  1. Front Wall
  2. Rear Wall
  3. Roof
  4. Front Doors
  5. Flag & Flag Pole
  6. Right Side Wall
  7. Left Side Wall
  8. Front Lights (2 each)
  9. Left Window Insert
10. Right Window Insert

The Post Office is often found missing the parts that are shown below.

First released in 1953 under the designation of PO-1, the Post Office has been one of the most popular buildings in the Plastic Village. The one piece 1602 box was released in 1958 and is scarce.
spacerPost Office Component Parts

Post Office Flag

Post Office Flag

The Post Office flag mounts on the roof and it is often missing from this kit. The flag was made out of plastic and sometimes came loose from the pole. This pole and the flag have been reproduced.

Post Office Front Lights

Post Office Front Lights

These lights that go on the front of the Post Office are often broken or missing entirely. Replacement parts are available.

Post Office Left Window Insert

Post Office Window Inserts

These window inserts are often missing from the front wall of the Post Office. They are available as reproductions.

Post Office Right Window Insert  

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