1806, 1923,
5806 (bagged),
45621 (current)
1806 Roadside Stand Box 1923 Roadside Stand Box 45621 Roadside Stand Silver Series Box 45621 Roadside Stand Current Issue Box
1806 Roadside Stand

This is one of the very few Plasticville structures that looks better when it’s painted than how it came out of the box. When Bachmann came out with this stand in 1962, it included many small pieces that are easily lost. We’ve listed the total number of these parts that are required to make this kit complete below.
Reissued in 1977 under the number 1923, this version no longer had the raised letters on the sign. Instead a paper decal was applied to create this sign. The bagged version 5806 is difficult to find.
The current issue of this stand has the walls colored BEIGE.

Roadside Stand Parts
Small Baskets
Produce Bins
The parts that are needed to complete this kit are:
1. Base
2. Right Side Wall
3. Left Side Wall
4. Back Wall
5. Roof
6. Sign
7. Back Counter
  8. Large Basket (4 each)
  9. Small Basket (20 each)
10. Produce Bins (3 each)
11. Potato Sacks (2 groups)
12. Desk
13. Cash Register
14. Scale (center post)

Roadside Stand Sign

Two version of this sign exist. The first one, that is shown above, came in the 1806 kits, and it has raised letters that make them easier to paint. The most common colors that were used to paint this sign were either RED or GREEN.

Roadside Stand Scale

This scale hangs from the center roof support post and it is often found broken or missing. There is no replacement part that is manufactured and supply is limited to what is available in existing kits.

Roadside Stand Weight Scale

45621 Roadside Stand Silver Series Box 45621 Roadside Stand Current Issue Box

Current Issue Roadside Stand

Comes with the later issued sign and decal. The walls are BEIGE in color. Click on the picture to the right to see a Larger View.

45621 Roadside Stand Current Issue

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