SC-4, 1608, 1914,
1982 (Scenic Classic w/Playground),
45611 (current issue w/Playground)
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The Plasticville School House

The School House was first released in 1951 and has been around a long time. As a result, there are several variations that concern the color of the roof, and the lack of the "PLASTICVILLE SCHOOL" writing above the door, which is attributed to the No. 1982 Scenic Classic issue.

Shown to the left is the rare WHITE roofed school house along with the FP-5 Flag Pole and ORANGE bus that are sometimes found in these kits.

Below we’ve illustrated the component parts along with the color variations in the roof and information about the current issue of this structure.

School House Component Parts

School House Parts:

1. Front Wall (w/lights)
2. Rear Wall
3. Roof (light gray var.)
4. Left Side Wall
5. Right Side Wall
6. Weather Vane
7. Roof Copula
8. Front Lights

We've indicated which of these parts that are often tardy or absent from school below.

School House Flag Pole

Flag Pole
FP-5, 1027

In 1954, Bachmann included this flagpole in the kits that were produced. This piece has not been reproduced.

School Front Lights

School House Lights
These WHITE based lights that go on the front of the School House are often broken or they are missing entirely. There are Replacement parts that are available.

School House Weather Vane

School House Weather Vane
The weather vane that goes on the top of the copula on the roof of the school house is often missing or broken. There is a replacement part available. Some of the WHITE roofed variations came with a RED weather vane and this color has not been reproduced.

School House Roof Color Variation
School House Roof Color Variation

The "School House" has had a long production run and this is what has undoubtedly caused this major variation in this structure. The LIGHT GRAY and DARK GRAY versions of this roof are equally common with the DARK GRAY roof being a littler harder to find, but the WHITE roof variation is very scarce.

School House Roof Copoula

School House Roof Copula
This WHITE copula fits in the depression located in the middle of the roof and the school house weather vane mounts in the hole in the top. It is sometimes missing and there is no replacement part.

Orange School Bus

Orange School Bus
While Bachmann generally put this bus in their Master Units, some school house kits did come with this bus. These buses are getting difficult to find today because many were broken due to the packaging and improper handling of these pieces over the years. See: Plasticville Vehicle Assortments.

School House Playground Equipment

When the No. 1982 Scenic Classic version of the School House was released 1980, Bachmann included playground equipment. While these pieces had been used earlier in the No. 1406 Playground Equipment, they had never been released in these colors:

1. RED (illustrated to the right)
2. YELLOW (illustrated to the right)
Scenic Classic Playground Equipment
The last two colors are the most
difficult to find.

The Littletown School House

Littletown No. 112 Frotn Wall Entrance SC-4 Plasticville School House Front Wall Doors

The Littletown School House is often mistaken for the Plasticville version. This is because the structures are almost the same color and size. The Littletown School House front wall is shown to the left, and the picture to the above right shows the Plasticville version.
As you can see the front doors on the Littletown structure are depressed in the from the plane of the front wall and the Plasticville School House has a roof gabble over the front doors. Also the mounting of the front wall lights is completely different.
When Bachmann purchased Littletown in 1955 and began producing their structures and accessories in 1957 this was not one that was produced under the Plasticville line. The reason for this was undoubtedly because of the similarities between these two different SchooL Houses.

45611 School House Silver Series Box 45611 School House Current Issue Box

Current Issue School House
The current issue of the School House has MAROON walls, GRAY roof, and CREAM trim. The playground equipment is SILVER in color. These colors are exclusive to this issue. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45611 School House Current Issue
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