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1628 Shade Trees Box 49001 Silver Series Box

Shade Trees

Initially released in 1961, this kit formed three trees out of seven pieces, each of diminishing size placed one atop another. Because of the delicate nature of these sections this kit is rarely found intact. This fact has contributed to it being highly sought after by collectors.

The No. 1628 box does not have the number written on the top. To find this number you must look on the box end as is illustrated to the right.

No. 1628 Box End Showing Number
Shade Trees Assembled

All sections weather broken or unbroken are needed to complete kits. It is desirable that you have all of the broken sections so that they can be glued back together. The tree trunks are also often are missing and I always need these.

spacer Shade Tree Parts

49001 Silver Series Box

Current Issue Shade Trees

Component parts in the kit make up three shade trees similar to the previous issue. The color of MEDIUM GREEN is also similar to the original issue. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

49001 Shade Tree Current Issue

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