LM-3, 1200
LM-3 Station Platform Box
LM-3 Station Platform Canadian Box
1200 Station Platform Box

Designed as a companion piece for the Suburban Station, these platforms were introduced in 1950. Additional units could be used to extend any station to any desired length. The No. 1200 box was first issued in 1956 and these kits have not been produced since the mid 1960’s.

No. 1200 Station Platform Side View

Station Platform Roof Support

Three of these are required for each platform. This part was colored either GREEN or BROWN and should be the same color as the roof. Many times one or more of them are missing or have been ruined by being glued. This part has not been reproduced.

Station Platform Roof Support LM-3 Station Platform End View
Station Platform Bench

Station Bench
The Station Platform (also called Freight Station) came with one bench and it is often missing. There is a reproduction of this bench that is available.

Station Platform Sign

Station Platform Sign
One of these signs came with the Station Platform and it is usually missing. Unlike the "Suburban Station," these signs had the printing on both sides. They are available as reproductions.

Station Platform Roof Sign Slot Size Variation

Narrow Roof Sign Slot

There are two different roofs that are associated with this platform. Early issues would have the narrow slot that is illustrated to the left, while later issues would have a wider slot, as is illustrated to the right. Both of these roofs are equally common.

Wide Roof Sign Slot

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