45601 (current issue)
1900 Turnpike Interchange Box 45603 Turnpike Interchange Silver Series Box 45601 Current Issue Box

The Turnpike Interchange was first seen along the Plasticville right-of-way in 1956. It came in a striking two-piece box. This was the only box for this item until the current issue was available.

The Plasticville Turnpike Interchange

The Turnpike Interchange was only available in one color combination with BLUE walls, and WHITE roof and islands. We’ve shown the common problems found with this item below.
This is one of the hardest of the Plasticville kits to find complete. There is always something that is missing or the letters on the signs are broken.

Turnpike Interchange Traffic ConeTurnpike Interchange Traffic Cone
Four of these traffic cones came with this kit. Many times we’ve found that they are missing. This part has been reproduced.

Turnpike Interchange Light Holder

Turnpike Interchange Light Holder
Eight of these light holders are needed to complete this kit, and one or more of these are usually missing. A reproduction part is available.

Red LensGreen Lens

Turnpike Interchange Lights
Sixteen of these lights fit into the holders and are needed to complete this kit. One or more of these are usually missing from these kits. Bachmann used these same lights (lenses) on other kits, like the Signal Bridge. These parts have not been reproduced.

Turnpike Interchange Sign

Turnpike Interchange Sign
There are two of these signs that slide down through slots on opposing sides of the roof. This piece is very delicate and is often missing letters. This part has not been manufactured as a reproduction and unbroken replacements are limited by what is available in existing kits.

45603 Turnpike Interchange Silver Series Box 45603 Turnpike Interchange Current Issue Box

Current Issue Turnpike Interchange
The current issue of the Turnpike Interchange is molded in GREEN that distiguishes it from the previous issue. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45601 Turnpike Interchange Current Issue

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