1916 Water Tank Boxspacer1615 Water Tank BoxWATER TANK
1615, 1916 (tall tank)
1935, 45935 (small tank),
45978 (current) (small tank)

The Plasticville Water Tank

The Water Tank was first available in 1957 and came in a one-piece illustrated box numbered 1615. In 1974, the two-piece 1916 "Bicentennial box" was introduced. When the 1935 was released in 1980, the water tank had been reduced in height. This smaller tank has also stayed with the more recent issues.

Illustrated here are the most common problems that we’ve found with this line side structure.

1935 Water Tank Boxspacer45935 Water Tank Silver Issue Boxspacer

Water Tank Ladder
Water Tank Ladder
This ladder is often missing, and when it is present, it is often missing one or more of the four plastic clips that hold it to the tank. Note the arrow in the above illustration where one of the clips is missing. This ladder should be the same color as the tank platform and legs.

Water Tank Down Spout

Water Tank Down Spout
This often missing part has not been reproduced for this tank. Usually it came in both GRAY and BROWN colors, but there is a DARK GRAY variation that is scarce. Also see: Water Tank Support Platform below.

Water Tank Base

Water Tank Base
If this piece is damaged it is usually from glue. This part is always GRAY in color and it is not currently available.

Water Tank Platform Legs

Water Tank Support (legs)
Many times either one or the other of these mating items are found cracked. Usually, these pieces came in both GRAY and BROWN colors, but there is a DARK GRAY variation that is scarce.

Water Tank Support Platform

Water Tank Support Platform
Often missing, or damaged by glue, this part is also sometimes broken where the water down spout snaps into it. This is caused by improper removal of the spout. This part is not available. Came in either BROWN, GRAY or DARK GRAY depending on the color of the tank.


Note: None of these parts are available, and the supply is limited to those that are found in existing kits. Because of the lack of available parts, this is one of the more difficult of the Plasticville structures to find complete and undamaged.

The HO Scale
Water Tank
2600 (tall tank),
2812, 2653,

2600 Water Tank Type 1 Box
2600 Water Tank Type 2 Box 2812 Water Tand Type 1 Box 2812 Water Tank Type 2 Box
2653 & 45153 Water Tank Box

The HO Scale Water Tank kits contain all of the same size parts as their O Scale counterparts with the exception of the base. By shortening the height of this water tank by not using the base Bachmann figured that the height was good enough to work with HO Scale locomotives.
It is known that the No. 2600 came with the "tall tank," but we don’t know for sure which of the later issues (if any) had the small tank.

All of the colors are the same as the O Scale issues. If you have one of these kits that you know is original and can add to this information we’d like to hear from you. Just use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

45935 Water Tank Silver Issue Box 45978 Water Tank Current Issue Box

Current Issue Water Tank
No picture of this water tank shows the difference in the height of the tank as does the one to the right. Click on this picture to view a larger example of this tank. The current issue of the Water Tank has a BROWN tank, LIGHT GRAY supports and a BLACK base. This water tank has never been produced with this color of base.

45978 Water Tank Current Issue

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