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0600 King Distributing Windmill Box
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Broken Blade
Windmill Broken Vane

Released in 1958 under the number 1408, this Plasticville farm structure is very hard to find unbroken. All of the parts are GRAY in color. There is a very rare DARK GRAY variation. King Distributing’s version of this piece is identical, save that only 2,200 of these were produced, making this item more valuable if it is boxed.
Illustrated below and to the left are many of the faults that we’ve found with these windmills.
Windmill Blades
These are easy to break on the windmill. Shown to the left is an example of what is sometimes found. The arrow is pointing to where the missing blade should be.
Windmill Vane
This part is easily broken where the pin is sheared off that holds the circular blades to the vane. Note the lower illustration that is missing this pin where the arrow is pointing.

Windmill Broken Tower

Windmill Tower
This tower consists of two pieces that slide together and often one, or both, of these pieces have been broken where they fit into the base platform. Note that one of the round ends that mounts in the windmill base is missing where the arrow is pointing. These towers have not been reproduced and supply is limited to what is available in existing kits.

Broken Ladder
The ladder for the Windmill is sometimes found missing or broken. Above is illustrated a common fault with this ladder where one or more of the ladder rungs are missing, note where the arrow is pointing. This ladder has not been reproduced and supply is limited to what is found in existing kits.

Windmill Broken Upper Platform

Windmill Upper Platform
This platform is also occasionally found broken in this kit. This particular one is broken, as is indicated by the arrow, where a section of the railing is missing.

45603 Windmill & Farm Implements Current Issue Box

Current Issue Windmill
The current issue of this Windmill has the Windmill Tower and Vane Cone molded in BROWN and all of the other parts are SILVER in color. This issue also comes with Farm Implements. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45603 Windmill & Farm Implements Current Issue

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