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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Operating Refrigerated Milk Car No. 3472LIONEL TRAINS AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATED MILK CAR No. 3472

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Lionel Trains Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car No. 3472 A Variation Lionel Trains Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car Platform No. 3472

Lionel Trains Operating Refrigerated Milk Car No. 3472The Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car No. 3472 replaced the No. 3462 in 1949, and was in production until the release of the No. 3482 in 1954. Lionel would initally paint these cars EGGSHELL WHITE and would offer an improved mechanism on what was used previously on the No. 3462. There are four variations:
Variation A: EGGSHELL WHITE body and short metal roof hatch that is painted to match the body color. This variation has aluminum doors. (1949)
Variation B: same as (A) but has a body that is unpainted WHITE plastic.

No 3472 Box End

Variation C: Has a white unpainted body that can have either staple or bar-end trucks. Long plastic loading hatch with two simulated ice hatches and portions of catwalk. There are no holes in the body for door frame tabs and the doors are WHITE plastic.
Variation D: Is the same a (C) however this version has a PURE WHITE body that contrasts with the loading door that is CREAM WHITE in color and also with the side doors are GRAYISH WHITE.

The car came with seven magnetic milk cans, No. 3462-70, that were loaded manually through a hatch in the roof and were unloaded with the use of a No. 6019 or UCS track section on to the platform. However, Lionel found it more convenient to box up six cans, and later issues of this car would have only six milk cans.

No. 3462-70 Milk Cans Box
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