PH-1, 1776, 1905,
2921, 2950
45614 (current)
PH-1 Plasticville Hall Box 1776 Independence Hall Box 1905 Town Hall Box 2921 Independence Hall Box 2950 Town Hall Box

The Plasticville Town HallspacerIt was always the lucky kid down the street that had one of these on his layout. This is one of Bachmann’s most impressive structures and it was patterned after Independence Hall in Philadelphia. There are several variations in the name that is on this hall and we’ve shown these below.
When first introduced in 1955, it was titled "PLASTICVILLE HALL" and was given the designation PH-1. The walls were TAN with a RED roof and WHITE trim. This version is pictured to the left. By the following year it was available as the No. 1776 "INDEPENDENCE HALL," and the walls were colored RED with a LIGHT GRAY roof. This same year would see the release of the RED walled "PLASTICVILLE HALL." This variation also came with a LIGHT GRAY roof and is found in the 1905 two-piece box.
In 1975, for the bicentennial, Bachmann would issue the No. 2921 "INDEPENDENCE HALL" with a different box, and this time and it had TUSCAN colored walls with a DARK GRAY roof.
Lastly, when the No. 2950 TUSCAN walled "TOWN HALL" version was released it was the first time that this structure’s imprint actually matched its description.
These TUSCAN walled variations came in kits that stated that they were HO scale, but they were made from the original O & S scale molds that had been used on all of the previous versions.
The most popular among operators of these variations is the TUSCAN "HO scale" No. 2950 because of its generic "TOWN HALL" name, and collectors highly prize the 1905 box which is the hardest to obtain.

Town Hall Weathervane

Town Hall Weathervane
This is the piece that is most often broken or lost on the Town Hall. There is a reproduction that is made of this part.


Town Hall Roof RailingsTown Hall Roof Railings
The roof railings are often found broken where one or more of the pins that are used to align them on the roof are missing. Note the arrow to the left where one of these pins is absent. There are no reproduction parts available to replace these railings and supply is limited by those that are available in existing kits.

Town Hall Color Variations
PH-1 Tan Plasticville Hall
Tan Plasticville Hall
1776 Red Independence Hall
Red Independence Hall
1905 Red Plasticville Hall
Red Plasticville Hall
2921 Tuscan Independence Hall
Tuscan Independence Hall
2950 Tuscan Town Hall
Tuscan Town Hall

Town Hall Rear Wall Vulnerability

Town Hall Rear Wall Vulnerability

The weakness in this kit is in the rear wall. Often this wall is found cracked due to the improper insertion of the rear door frame into this wall. This fault is illustrated in the pictures to the left and the right. Note where the RED arrows are pointing to see the damage caused by this problem. Collectors would be well advised to check this wall for this fault before purchase.

Town Hall Rear Wall Vulnerability Picture 2
45614 Town Hall Silver Issue Box 45614 Town Hall Current Issue Box

Current Issue Town Hall
The current issue of the Town Hall has a MAROON colored walls with a GRAY roof, and CREAM trim with GOLD painted around the clock. Note that there is NO INSCRIPTION on the front wall. These colors have never been used on this piece before. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45614 Town Hall Current Issue
Purchase the current issue Town Hall.

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