1976, 1975, 1957,
45979 (current)
1976 Coaling Station Box Type 1 1976 Coaling Station Box Type 2 1975 Coaling Station Box 1957 & 45957 Coaling Station Box 45979 Current Issue Box
The Plasticville Coaling Station

Production Numbers in Retrograde
This would be the last new structure that Bachmann would produce for many years. And what an impressive one it is - standing 12-1/2 inches tall. Bachmann would release the No. 1976 in 1964 before it would introduce the No. 1975 six years later. The "Type 1" box of the No. 1976 is very difficult to find today.

1975 Coaling Station Box End

When the 1975 production number was introduced it would duplicate the same number that Bachmann used on the Autumn Tree Assortment.

This structure has always been difficult to put together, which is why it is often found glued together. Bachmann realized this and included a set of instructions. The part that is most often missing from this structure is the ladder that extends to the ground from the first landing and the coal shute. Neither of these parts have been reproduced.

45979 Coaling Station Current Issue Box

Current Issue Coaling Station
This Coaling Station comes with BROWN walls and a GRAY platform and roof. These colors have been used before on this piece! To tell the difference examine the amount of flash and look at the thickness of the walls. Today’s issues are made in China and are not as thick as the previously issued Plasticville. To see a larger image of this structure click on the picture to the right.

45979 Coaling Station Current Issue
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