1975, 2975
1975 Autumn Tree Assortment Box 1975 Autumn Tree Assortment Box Interior

The interior of this box has a box that contained the smaller of the parts that composed these trees. Often this box is missing.


The Plasticville No. 1975 Autumn Tree Assortment was made only one year, 1961, and consisted of 144 pieces that made up 18 individual trees. Highly prised by collectors, this set is rarely found completely intact and the individual pieces are extremely difficult to find. This is especially true of the "BLUE" pine tree sections.

This tree set consists of:

4 orange shade trees, 28 pieces
6 orange poplar trees, 60 pieces
4 blue pine trees, 28 pieces
4 green pine trees, 28 pieces

Autumn Shade Trees Assembled
Autumn Poplar Trees Assembled

The early Plasticville Price Guides listed in error eight blue pine trees.

Autumn Pine Trees Assembled

HO Scale No. 2975 Autumn Tree Assortment
This assortment has the same size trees and has the same cover art as the O and S Scale version listed above. All that Bachmann did was to put a lable on the box side with a different number. See the picture below.

No. 2975 Autumn Tree Assortment Box Side

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