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1404 Pine Tree Assortment Box 2410 Pine Tree Assortment Box 2621 Pine Tree Assortment Box 2631 Pine Tree Assortment Box

In 1957, Bachmann introduced a new version of pine tree. These trees were assembled from six sections and a trunk to form a tree. There were 56 pieces that formed eight trees in this assortment. The plastic was molded in GREEN with flecks of BROWN.

Pine Tree Parts

The sections of these trees in all of these kits are held together by small pins that are cast into each piece. These pins fit very tightly into the adjoining section. Because of this, they are often broken when care is not taken as the parts are separated. Needless to say, it is always the smaller top section that gets lost and the larger ones are the first to be broken at the tips. None of these parts are reproduced and all sizes of these tree sections are needed.

The Pine Tree Trunks
There are four sizes of tree trunks that are found in these kits. They are illustrated to the right. Some collectors maintain that there should be two of each size trunk in these kits, but we have only rarely found them with these sizes in the kits that we see. It is unknown if they came like this and further research is needed. If you have an original kit that has two of each of these sizes we would like to hear from you. Please use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

No. 1404 Tree Sizes

These same tree trunks were used the Poplar Tree Assortment No. 1409.

The HO Scale Kits
2410 Pine Tree Assortment Boxspacer2621 Pine Tree Assortment Boxspacer2631 Pine Tree Assortment BoxspacerThe HO kits contain the same amount of trees and they are the same size. Beginning in 1957, and continuing until the early 1980’s, these trees came in the boxes that are shown to the left. Some kits contained trees that were multi-colored as the O scale kits, however, some have been found with the tree sections that are a solid GREEN color. If you have a kit that you know is original and can confirm this, we’ad like to hear from you. Just use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Assembled Pine Tree

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