1409, 2413
1409 Poplar Trees Box 2413 HO Poplar Trees Box

Poplar Trees Component Parts

Poplar Trees
The Poplar Tree was first introduced to the Plasticville line in 1960. They are composed of 40 sections of diminishing size placed one atop another that form four trees. The top is composed of two pieces that fit together. It is inevitable that some sections would become missing and most of the time it is the small top sections.
These trees came in a two-piece box with a colorful top that shows a picture of these trees.
I need all sizes of the sections of these trees. The tree trunks often are missing the top pin that fits into the largest section of these trees. I am also always looking for unbroken tree trunks.

No. 1404 Tree Sizes

The Poplar Tree Trunks
There are four sizes of tree trunks that are found in these kits. They are illustrated above. Some collectors maintain that there should be one of each size trunk in these kits, but we have only rarely found them with these sizes in the kits that we see. It is unknown if they came like this, but these kits never had all of one size.

If you have an original kit that has one of each of these sizes of trunk we would like to hear from you. Please use the contact link at the bottom of this page. These same tree trunks were also used in the Pine Tree Assortment No. 1404.

2413 HO Poplar Trees Box

HO Scale Poplar Trees No. 2413

Issued in a box with the same graphic as the O and S scale versions, the only difference is the scale inscription in the lower left corner of the box. These trees were also identical to those that were issued in the No. 1409 box. Bachmann just relabeled this box for HO scale.

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