45983 (current w/Hobo Shacks & Work Car)
SA-9 Outhouse Dealer Box 45983 Outhouse Current Issue Box

The Outhouse was released in 1950 in a dealer box of one dozen under the No. SA-9. This box, illustrated above, was designed to be opened on the retail counter and displayed the picture as well as the contents of this rather whimsical item that Bachmann produced. Shown below are the five color variations of this piece. The rarest of these is the OLIVE DRAB version on the right, which was only available in as part of the No. 1985 Log Cabin Scenic Classic set.

The Outhouse Color Variations
Red OuthouseWhite OuthouseMarbled Brown/Black OuthouseFlesh OuthouseOlive Drab Outhouse

45983 Hobo Jungle Current Issue Box

Current Issue Outhouse
The current issue of this outhouse is in the solid DARK BROWN color that differentiates it from previous issues. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

45983 Hobo Jungle Current Issue

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