1937 (w/crossing gates)
1937 Crossing Signals & Gates Box
1304 Crossing Signal

The Plasticville Crossing Signal is one of the more elusive small railroad accessories made by Bachmann.

It was originally sold in a "blister pack" with a card stock backing that was designed to hung on a dealer’s rack, as is illustrated to the right. The Crossing Signal was only available from 1960 through 1963 in this type of packaging. There were always two signals per package.

In 1981, Bachmann sold this Crossing Signal in the No. 1937 kit with six Crossing Gates.
The Crossing Signal is most difficult to find in the original blister packaging.

Red Lens Crossing Signal Lenses
The lenses that fit in the crossing signal are often missing. These lenses were identical to those that would fit the Block Signal, Signal Bridge, and the Turnpike Interchange.

There are no reproduction parts available for these lenses and supply is limited to what can be found in existing signals.

No. 1304 Crossing Signal in Blister Packaging

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